The perfect cloud solution for growth

Access our Hosting and connect to our API, you will be able to reach new customers, get daily insights and explore new opportunities for your business. We provide you all the tools to start your own e-commerce strategy and leaverage on our marketplace.

The power of a marketplace

Setup an e-commerce website is only the first step but growing with the traffic, keep the catalog updated and reach your future customers requires a long-term strategy. At Shoppi we are offering to you the power of a marketplace with its own audience and a cloud solution for your website.

Join our cloud solution

Setup your hosting and start immediately, you can transfer your existing domain and software like a normal hosting. We will place a subdirectory with our cloud solutions connected to Shoppi, where you will be able to explore our modules such as a mobile checkout system, a booking software and chatbots driven by AI.

Use our set of technologies with the same account

We analyze product pictures and descriptions, videos and user interactions. We translate and enrich existing data in order to increase the odds to connect with the right customers. You will be able to improve your website and content via our technology.